Rumour Roundup: The Apple Watch 2


Watch out for the Apple Watch 2, coming soon to a wrist on you. Set for release in Fall 2016, rumours are rampant as to the look, feel, and upgraded features of the Watch 2.0. And while the original Apple Watch might only be a year old, it looks like we’re going to have to get used to updating our smartwatches as regularly as our smartphones. Among a host of other features, the Apple Watch 2 is rumoured to include an integrated camera and the ability to make calls without a connected iPhone. Hopes of a circular screen look to be dashed however, with the Apple Watch 2’s design staying square. Let’s delve deeper and focus on what we can expect from Apple’s new smartwatch.


Rumours suggest that the Watch 2 will be 20 percent slimmer as compared to its predecessor, thanks to its new screen called the Micro LED. The first Watch, on the other hand, had a light-emitting diode (OLED) display. Micro LED screens are thinner than OLED displays, meaning the Watch 2 could be slimmer and lighter on your wrist. OLED are generally seen as producing better pictures, but the Micro LED gives users a boosted battery life. As for the look, expect the same basic shape and size, though perhaps a few millimetres thinner. Chances are the 38mm and 42mm sizes of the Watch will no doubt cross over to the Watch 2.


With the rumoured Micro LED screens, it’s likely the Watch 2 is set for improved battery life. Currently, the 42mm version of the original Watch averages around 18 hours of battery life, with the 38mm version coming in slightly under that. This is ideal case scenario; in ‘real life’ mode, the battery power of the Watch is less when you’re running activity workouts or other power-hungry options.


One of the rumoured features of the upcoming Watch 2 is GPS capability, which will be built directly into the device itself, meaning that users will no longer need to bring their iPhone around to have GPS capabilities. In addition, it’s claimed that the Watch 2 will have faster app loading-time, which will make it a more compelling purchase for fitness enthusiasts. With the GPS hook-up this could give runners and other health-trackers a lot more data during their workouts. For the most part fitness trackers can track runs, walks, bike rides, and the Watch 2 is set to add swim tracking to that tally. Like the original Watch, the Watch 2 will be waterproof (supposedly).


Watch 2 may be significantly aided by faster OS software and a requirement for all new apps to run on the device. Features such as emails, texts, and app updates could be included in the Watch 2 without the need of an iPhone to transmit the data. This, apparently, is the result of a new Wi-Fi enabled chipset. This would be a great addition as the original Watch’s computer-on-a-chip is pushed pretty much to its max, so any chipset improvements made for version two will be very advantageous. There’s also talk of a ‘control centre’ option that can be accessed by a swiping the watch’s lower portion to display the battery status as well as other settings.

As for how much it’s set to set you back, the original Watch was priced at $349 and dropped to $299 during sales. The Watch 2 price is expected to be more expensive than the original, though no firm price is yet available. Look for a September release date for the Watch 2, as this is the usual time when Apple releases new products, including the iPhone 7.

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